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Cerro Nara Rainforest Lodge
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Activities in Cerro Nara


1. Hike to the big waterfall (70m, 210 ft tall)

A. Leave from the lodge and hike downhill, enjoy the waterfall, and hike back up. (Time: 4 hours).
   Must be in good phisical condition. Need a guide.

B. Leave from Finca Rodrigo, hike accross the valley, spend time at the waterfall, return to Finca Rodrigo. (Time: 3 hours).
   Need a guide + car.

C. Leave from the lodge, enjoy the waterfall, hike down and out of the falley. (Time: 5 hours).
   Need a guide.

2. A walk to several waterfalls

A. walk to several waterfalls + cascades near the house. (Time: 1.5 hours).
   Guide optional.

B. Walk to the lagoon from the houose. (Time: 1.5 hours).
   Guide Optional.

3. Hide around.

A. Hide around, then to the top of Cerro Nara, back to the lodge. (Time: 3 hours).
   Need guide

B. Hike around Cerro Nara and down to Finca Brujo with views of that Valley system. Hike back to the lodge. (Time: 4 hours)
   Need guide.

Bob Buckter
Rainforest Lodge
Quepos, Costa Rica.
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